“As your business grows so does your income and company headcount”

What You Get

Most recruitment start-up companies offer a cash investment to help you on your way to starting your very own recruitment business however this is mainly from your bedroom, but the journey to success is not always in the cash funding. At the COVID20 Recruitment Group, we believe the road to successful recruitment start up is in the day to day in-house managing, mentoring, support, and training.

All recruitment offices have management to oversee the daily activity of its teams therefore a cash investment and board meeting once a month will be why more cash investment start-ups fail due to not being supported correctly.

At the COVID20 Recruitment Group we offer a wealth of knowledge and decades of experience to guide you to grow your business to its highest potential.

  • Consistent training program to suite your level of recruiting.
  • Job boards.
  • HR requirements.
  • Legal support.
  • Social media support.
  • Guidance with team growth.
  • Any other recruitment support required.

All you need to do is speak to candidates and clients!


At COVID 20 Recruitment Group, we push you to reach new heights continuously in your career. Our culture will help you develop while maintaining work/life balance - so there’s nothing holding you back! Fuel your potential. Join us today.