Jason King

A very successful board level recruiter with over 25 years’ experience which started in the London contract banking sector in the mid 90’s to holding senior roles with two of the largest recruitment groups in the world. Jason took monthly NET figures from 578K to 1.1 million when running all EMEA Microsoft contract divisions within seven months which resulted to being part of the Nigel Frank Internationals share scheme. He then spent years as a Recruitment Analyst working alongside recruitment organisations fixing processes and making company P&L’s more profitable. 

Jason then teamed up with Recruitment Entrepreneurs James Caan who had previously head hunted him in 2015 to fix a failing SAP Business under the Hamilton Bradshaw umbrella which Jason declined at that time as felt a more personal approach to fixing failing recruitment businesses across the UK and Europe was more exciting.  

Sadly when COVID19 hit his tenor at Recruitment Entrepreneurs Elite Cyber Group his time was halted along with dozens of others without being furloughed and that is when Jason saw a gap in the market to supporting others back in to the workplace using a different approach by creating a Group of portfolios.



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