“We do not just offer cash investment, we are here to guide, support and train you to becoming a successful director of your own growing portfolio”

About Us

The COVID20 Recruitment Group started on the back of the COVID19 pandemic, when thousands of recruiters in the UK lost their jobs. We saw an opportunity to help recruiters back into the workspace by running their own portfolio with the back-office support, mentoring and guidance required from experienced board level recruitment entrepreneurs.

In 2022/2023 we will see the growth of the Group with recruiters working from our support offices/hubs in London – Manchester – Newcastle – Edinburgh.

Mission Statement

We work together tirelessly with passion, respect, clarity and excellence to achieve our goals as a group and with a clear shared objective and purpose. We adapt to the changing times within the sector markets worked and making sure our recruitment entrepreneurs portfolios grow, has success with happiness and integrity.


At COVID 20 Recruitment Group, we push you to reach new heights continuously in your career. Our culture will help you develop while maintaining work/life balance - so there’s nothing holding you back! Fuel your potential. Join us today.